Noise Monitoring Calms Neighbors: How Grzegorz Achieves This

Grzegorz, the owner of a short-term rental company in Warsaw, has been managing multiple apartments in the city for the past six years. His extensive experience in the industry has led him to actively participate in the management of the Polish Short-Term Rental Association. From Grzegorz’s perspective, any party or event in one of his rental properties is not just a nuisance but also potentially illegal. The key challenge he faces is the quick turnaround required between guests, with apartments needing to be cleaned and prepared for the next arrival within hours. Unfortunately, after a wild party, these cleanup efforts can become far more extensive, sometimes even involving damage that makes the apartment unfit for new guests.

Our guests perceive RentEye as a typical sensor, like a smoke detector — we haven't received any negative feedback about it.

renteye client testimonial
Grzegorz Żurawski
CEO of Gimco Ltd.
VP of the Polish Short-Term
Rental Association (PSWK)

Warsaw, Poland

Business scale

10+ apartments

Usage time

More than 1 year

One critical aspect is the impact on neighbors, as these apartments are typically located in residential buildings and blocks. Grzegorz is committed to ensuring that neighbors do not suffer because of adjacent short-term rentals. Until recently, neighbor complaints were his only source of information regarding potential issues. It’s not uncommon for apartments designed for two guests to host parties with dozens of attendees, some even spilling into the hallways and stairwells.

Noise Monitoring Calms Neighbors

Among the most costly damages Grzegorz has encountered are water-damaged parquet floors and ruined laminate panels. There have been instances of chandeliers torn from ceilings and nightstands thrown from fourth-floor windows onto the street. Dealing with the aftermath of such events involves finding alternative accommodations for incoming guests, documenting damages for insurance claims, notifying the police, and coordinating repair services. This is not only a significant workload but also results in substantial costs that no one wants to bear.

Fortunately, thanks to devices like RentEye, Grzegorz and his team can now act even faster than the neighbors and prevent their frustration. The implementation of noise monitoring has brought a newfound level of security and peace, not only for the guests but also for the company’s employees responsible for property safety.

Proactive noise management

RentEye has proven to be an invaluable tool for Grzegorz’s business. When noise levels exceed acceptable limits, the system provides early alerts, allowing for immediate intervention. Instead of dealing with the consequences of a disruptive event, the company can address potential issues before they escalate. Grzegorz and his team kindly suggest to guests, who are informed of the RentEye sensor’s presence through door stickers and visible placement, to relocate to more suitable areas for gatherings. In most cases, this proactive approach successfully maintains the peaceful atmosphere.

Remarkably, there have been no negative reactions from guests regarding the RentEye sensor. Instead, the feedback from neighbors has been overwhelmingly positive. They appreciate the efforts made by Grzegorz’s company to preserve their comfort and peace, ultimately creating a harmonious coexistence between short-term rentals and long-term residents.

Noise Monitoring Calms Neighbors