Silent Sanctuary: How RentEye Preserves Tranquility in Białowieża Forest Retreats

Jolanta’s dream of entering the short-term rental business had been brewing for years. She longed to try her hand at hosting guests in her very own property. After careful consideration, she decided to invest in an apartment nestled in the heart of the breathtaking Białowieża Forest. This picturesque location attracted tourists from around the world who sought respite in the midst of nature’s tranquility. However, Jolanta’s dream of owning a rental property quickly collided with the realities of the short-term rental market. Some of the first guests inquired about hosting parties in the apartment. Despite her refusal, they went ahead and organized a loud gathering.

I was looking for a simple, effective and inexpensive solution after illegal party in my apartment. RentEye met these expectations.

noise monitoring client testimonial
Jolanta Koszelew
VP of the Top 500
Innovators Association

Białowieża, Poland

Business scale

1 apartment

Usage time

More than 1 year

While no major damage occurred, the disapproving glances and comments from neighboring residents were enough to make Jolanta apprehensive. Nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers visiting the Białowieża Forest were looking for peace and quiet after a day of exploration. It became evident that this was not a party destination, and all apartment owners in the area made this clear to their guests. Jolanta couldn’t help but worry about how to secure her property in the future, especially since she lived far from the apartment. She needed a solution that was simple, effective, and cost-efficient. Thus, her search led her to RentEye, a discreet noise sensor that would provide the peace and security her unique location deserved.

Securing peace and quality sleep

Guests staying in Jolanta’s apartment are aware of the presence of the RentEye device, and they are assured that it records no audio, ensuring their privacy. This unobtrusive device serves as a certificate of tranquility in a location as unique as the Białowieża Forest. The greatest advantage of RentEye is its simplicity. Plugging it into an electrical outlet is all it takes, and guests can forget about it, leaving them to enjoy their stay without concerns about noisy disturbances.

A reliable guardian from afar

Jolanta’s daily life is miles away from her rental property, making remote monitoring crucial. RentEye became the answer to her worries. This unassuming device has the power to alert her instantly if noise levels exceed acceptable limits, allowing her to take appropriate action and ensure her guests’ experience remains peaceful. This added layer of security and peace of mind not only benefits Jolanta but also enhances the experience of her guests, who appreciate the quiet serenity of the Białowieża Forest. RentEye has become an indispensable part of Jolanta’s short-term rental business, ensuring her property remains a sanctuary for nature lovers, free from disruptions and disturbances.