How noise monitoring works

RentEye looks after your home, guests, and neighbors.

Maintain a peaceful and harmonious living environment for everyone.

how noise monitoring works

Act early to prevent unauthorized parties and avoid damages they may cause. Push notifications in our mobile app will keep you informed and ensure you never miss a critical alert. Real-time updates about potential issues allow you to take immediate action from anywhere. 

We monitor sound levels and send you notifications when excessive noise is detected. You can customize thresholds to control what noise levels are considered too loud for your property during the day or night. System is already configured to avoid unnecessary notifications for minor disturbances as door opening. With RentEye, you will be notified of noise issues requiring your attention, while still enjoying a peaceful living environment.

In most cases, simply reminding guests to keep the noise down can resolve the problem within 15 minutes.

You can get automatic daily reports about your property at any time. This allows you to keep track of incidents and gain insights into property activity over time. RentEye makes it easy to analyze historical data, whether you need to review noise levels or investigate other issues.

You will get immediate notification about power outages or disruptions to ensure any disturbance is detected and reported. For additional security, sensors can protected by a special clamp to prevent intentional removal from the socket.

Easy installation
how noise monitoring works

With just 5 minutes and a smartphone you can have RentEye up and running. All you need is an electric socket and wi-fi.

Your guests’ privacy is our top priority. That’s why our sensor doesn’t record conversations or store any personal data.

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